Looking for a house in California is just plain depressing. The listings the agents sent us, for an area we thought hadn't skyrocketed yet, are just completely off the wall. High prices, small lots. It's like everyone already bought the places out in the woods before this year and they're holding on to them.

It's been suggested I have a kapha imbalance, which really makes more sense than anything else at this point for explaining how I feel, moods swinging back and forth and around and about, depending on whether I have stuff to do or whatever. I'm finding I can redirect myself quite a bit, so I have some influence over what kind of headspace I land in. One suggestion I think is particularly important is to move my sleep schedule so that I'm going to bed earlier and waking up earlier; the problem with this so far is that at 10pm I'm tired but not the least bit sleepy, so I wake up around 12:30 or 1am, especially if my housemate comes home, and then I'm tossing and turning awake for a little while. I'm thinking that I'll get sleepier as I keep waking up consistently before 7am.

The air was thick last night, alive with moisture and smells, trees and plants. It was New Orleans air, borrowed to get my attention. I've felt that air in New England, too...stuff happens with air like that.