calm creeps up.

I slept late today! After waking up at 6am and 7am, I admit, but eventually I woke up a little before 9 and didn't get into the office until almost 10. An interesting change, anyway. I've been working a lot lately (like MLK Day, and yesterday, both of which I had off), partly because it's fun and challenging, but I also don't have much else I want to do and it's a good way to get out of the house and stop thinking obsessively about the joyful clusterfuck-on-repeat that is Chris's Relationship life.

I watched Saved! tonight, finally. It's wonderful, and I recommend it; it's in a group with other movies I've seen recently that look like dippy teen movies but are genuinely good, like The Girl Next Door, which was advertised as a teen movie but is in fact complex and intense, and Eurotrip, which if a bit more lowbrow than the other two has a lot of real art and craft in its making, and is intelligent and hilarious on its merits.

I think this particular round of temporary insanity may be coming to a close. Huzzah!