computers suck.

Careening steadily towards my birthday. I'm still loving the new job, though the challenge got a little stiffer today, as I'm now trying to rewrite a large chunk of code, rather than writing new code, which is easier.

Verner Vinge, whose books I apparently need to read, wrote something called A Deepness In the Sky that I read about in an article, where there are Programmer-Archeologists, programmers still maintaining and modifying computer programs written thousands of years before. And we have enough on our plates with code from thirty years ago. Point being, it's easier to create than modify, but we're stuck with modifying anyway.

If I knew all the answers all the time, what fun would that be? It'd be like being 12 again, and that was just bad (I've been able to give any dark times since then at least a modicum of perspective by thinking, "Nope, still better than junior high school"). So I'll stumble along in my ignorance, and do the best I can.