As part of moving over to my newer laptop, I'm cleaning out my bookmarks of stuff I wanted to finish reading later. You, the reader, benefit! Don't worry--eventually I have trenchant commentary from my trip to Seattle as well.

Quite some time ago, I found an article about writing a technical resume. I'm not sure how much relationship it bears to resumes for the Real World--I know the interviewing process is fairly different (for example, we don't wear suits).

This may be the best book review ever published by a mainstream paper.

I found an article from 2002 where reporters excuse themselves for having helped in the Internet hype. I think they should chalk it up just to selling out, having to obey the prevailing culture, and being dumb; the folks interviewed lay some of the blame on "inexperienced journalists". Riiiight: in the job market of the late 90s I can see they would have had to hire inexperienced people, but surely they could have found some with critical thinking skills.

Fascinating account of people trying to leave Burning Man 2002.

Tucker Max writes some...interesting stories. The one I remember most clearly: the party with the dominatrix. (Um, it has sex in it.)

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is getting a divorce; rumors are floating around that he's gay and going to come out of the closet (*gasp* gay people in San Francisco! can you imagine?). Which brought to mind the photo shoot he and his wife did for Bazaar, and why they might have done it.