Much better today: I've been able to let go quite a bit, and think clearly about why I want my week off between jobs, and how it would benefit both me and Company B; and also to accept the idea of not having that week off, so I could start the job without frustration or acrimony. Aikido today reflected the turn towards free-floating-ness, as techniques came relatively easily, I could fluidly change techniques when something didn't work (called henka-waza--the central thing in aikido is that you can't just stand there or stop, you have to do something, and the ease with which you can switch techniques is often a manifestation of how clear your mind is), and I don't think I really worked people over unless I meant to. And my ukemi (falling) stayed pretty fluid too. So things are okay, I've completely organized my CDs in their jewel cases now, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can actually affect the job-changing process again.

More CDs: Counting Crows, August and Everything After; Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home; Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints; Eliot Fisk, Vivaldi Concerti and Other Works.

It will be tomorrow soon. Hopefully I can steer everything to a harmonious conclusion. Heh.