I've had this thing for apples over the past month. In part I'm just trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, but the fruits are also helping me break my cookie habit--as it happens, my little addictions are refined sugar and caffeinated espresso. Not in any kind of life-endangering way, of course: they modify the energy going through my body in ways that are often not helpful to me. The espresso thing is weird, because it's not the caffeine that I need: I've only very rarely had caffeine headaches, and it doesn't have the nice perk-up effect on me that everyone else seems to enjoy. I don't crave soda or regular coffee the way I have espresso (I've pretty much broken the cravings by drinking decaf): it's something specific in the espresso, which gets washed out by the decaffeinating process, leaving the bitter, creamy liquid goodness with just a shadow of its former flavor.