I woke up this morning, thinking it was abnormally cold, even for my unheated bedroom. I stepped out of the house, still thinking it was abnormally cold. I got in my car and turned the wipers on to get the condensation off the windshield. Except it was actually frost. WTF?

Company A has been tracking down my references today, which no one ever does unless they want to hire you (really, why bother doing it until you have to?). I have a powerful desire to get an offer from them, so I don't have to worry and I know I'll be covered; on the other hand, I'd like to give Company B a chance, and if they're going to be slower about things, the longer Company A takes to put an offer together, the less I have to delay giving them a response while Company B sorts itself out. Fascinating interplay of emotions on my end.

Hey, guess what? I'm still seriously allergic to cats! Typically I take loratadine (formerly Claritin) before going over to my lady friend's house that she shares with three cats, and it works perfectly. But tonight I forgot, and I thought, hey, I've gone to a lot of effort to not be exposed, why don't I just go ahead and be exposed and see where my allergy is after all these years. About the same, as it happens, right down to the nasty dry cough that develops in my throat. At least I didn't get cat hair in my eyes this time: the burning, endlessly teary eye reaction is the worst. Instead I sneezed and coughed a lot. W00t.