I'm supposed to get more sleep than this.

I woke up at 3am this morning. I think that's a new record for me. The abbreviated sleep is starting to wear on me: we're on day 10 or 12 now. I was perfectly fine up until Friday morning, then I kind of recovered over the weekend, and then yesterday I started actually feeling drowsy and tired.

It's been Interview Week, all three days. I've been in the office a grand total of maybe six hours this week. The interviews have gone well, and I kind of expect I'll have a couple of offers to consider within a few weeks. I have a variety of mixed feelings: I'd like to get the uncertainty over and done with; I'd like to have some time off before starting a new job, maybe spend some time in Seattle; I'd like to see if there are other jobs even more to my liking, though these two are awfully good. They're similar, a substantial lateral move, from programming Java webapps on Windows over to programming Perl servers on Unix--precisely the move I've been wanting to make. They're also a move upward, in terms of complexity and (I think) responsibility, and they're both highly geeky workplaces, working with many very smart people on difficult problems, and with whom I share the geek subculture. I'm not sure how I landed interviews for two of the exact kind of job I wanted--I thought I'd have a much harder time. (Note that neither of them have actually given me an offer yet: I just think they will.)

Some of my friends think this is a joke. Having seen many things above and beyond this which are dead serious, I disagree.

Don't be silly, we have enough troops.

I haven't seen the Spielberg movie, but there's a new book out about Oskar Schindler.