heh. oops.

I'm pretty good about this journal. I realize it's easily findable via Google (#7 on a general search and #2 for more specific). I have to respect the privacy of myself and others, and I think I'm good at that. Between that, and the fact that practically no one reads this thing, I haven't had any problems since the end of The Bad Relationship (when everything was a problem). This one is sort of thought-provoking, given this entry after a second date. Clearly the communication was not working; should I have kept my reservations to myself? Maybe I need to be more open about things as they happen--this is usually the case, but I'm pretty guarded and cautious with people I don't know too well, and I wanted to give this a chance.

Well, whatever. Everything works out right in the end.

I should have another interview coming up, since I solved the pre-screening homework problem well enough to skip the phone screen. It was fun to write, actually, since I've been polishing up my Perl, and I didn't have a ton of real work today. I'm happy with how it came out: essentially it has three different implementations of the core code, and a way to switch between them easily so I could time them.

Weeks after getting it, I am still lost in the beauty that is Lemon Jelly's Lost Horizons album. One of so many pretty things to inflict on my family over Christmas.