Hahaha. So the purges have started, and soon the government will lack anyone in power who can or will stand up to the neoconservatives. The CIA will more openly be given the conclusions first, and its job will be to support the conclusions with evidence. It's a good thing the sun still rises and the trees are so pretty.

Finally went to the chiropractor again tonight. I made it six weeks this time, but I woke up this morning with my hips conspicuously jacked up and squeezing my sciatic nerve (which runs roughly from the base of your spine through your hip socket down your leg, and if something pinches it, you'll know). It still feels a little loose, but hopefully I can stay relaxed and get everything to stay in place even longer. I'm getting good at releasing muscles and letting everything fall back into alignment.

And I'm eating better, mostly, which is nice. No more caffeinated espresso, lots of water, eating lots of fruit to satisfy the sugar cravings instead of cookies and crap. Well, some cookies, but just a few after dinner some nights, not the cookies-as-fourth-meal-of-the-day thing. Still have to repair my bicycle so I can get some more exercise and maybe start dropping some weight. (I've been 215 pounds for a few years now, which is fine, and an awful lot of it is nice density from aikido, but I think I'd have more energy and feel more comfortable if I dropped 10-20 pounds of fat. I should be able to do 10, at least, if I consistently eat better and keep training. We'll see.)

Mmm, tired. Maybe I won't wake up two hours before dawn again.