I do love this, but...


I have a headache. Earlier it was a sinus headache, but just now I think my headache actually comes from getting tagged at aikido this morning, just underneath the nose. There's a sensitive nerve there, and it still hurts. Satisfying, in a way, though I'd much rather my nose kept its hurting to itself without dragging the rest of my head into it.

I had a wonderful time with a nice lady last night. We watched Incubus, a 1965 black-and-white horror film which (a) stars William Shatner, and (b) is in Esperanto (I tell you, I couldn't make this shit up). Once you've stopped laughing, I will say that all expectations to the contrary, it's actually a good movie. It's been a cult hit in France for some time, so the only good print had French subtitles, and the English subtitles had to go inside black bars to hide the French. But after a slow beginning, there wasn't really anything to make fun of. Check it out at your local non-Blockbuster video store.

And I made killer pork chops with spring onions and mushrooms, and my famous-to-me green beans with butter. Mmm, butter.