pork: it wants to be tasty!

I've determined that my recent difficulty sleeping stems in part from my trying to ignore the news, stay in bed and hope the world goes away. Didn't work, so you get the bad news along with me. *grin*


Alberto Gonzales, our next Attorney General, wrote a memo as White House Counsel suggesting that the "new paradigm" of the war on terror "renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners"--essentially, that the US should have the right to torture people if it wants. It's worth a read. Personally, I think he's either incompetent or just enjoys seeing people suffer. I mean, God forbid our claiming the moral high ground should actually affect our behavior.

And, of course, it appears that someone brought armored fighting vehicles to an LA anti-war protest.

In other news, I braised a pork shoulder tonight. It came out well enough, though as I'd feared, a bit bland. And no wonder Dad always ate cheese and crackers while Mom was cooking dinner (for five people--go Mom!): big pieces of meat take forever. I mean, relative to my skillet ribeyes that take all of ten minutes. Yeesh.