In March 2003, soon after American legislators broadcast our bigotry, ignorance and arrogance to the world by renaming the French fries in the Congressional cafeteria "Freedom Fries" (France, for some reason, failed to support us in our bid to invade and occupy a sovereign nation that hadn't attacked), the Christian Science Monitor wrote a beautiful article illustrating some of the relationship between English and French. (Many of them don't look French, because we imported them from French several centuries ago, but French they are.)

    15:42 <darren> dude
    15:42 <darren> check out the photo in that article
    15:42 <darren> ashcroft can hide the tits of justice NO MORE

Remember, no matter how much I may complain, I am grateful to have a cushy office job. Some people don't.

Feeling much better today, after a couple days of not drinking espresso, eating a bit healthier, reconnecting with people, deciding it'd be nice to actually drop the 15-25 pounds I could easily stand to lose. I got a little dose of sexual tension today, which made a difference...though it's not clear why I needed that. I think it's something I like to have almost constantly present...to be reminded of the possibilities. That's something to think about, and how to keep my mind free and chill, and maintain my openness to connecting with people during longer stretches when I don't get to meet cute girls.