math is hard. let's go shopping!

Yesterday's haul (or just blowing money, as you choose): 8" Skil drill press, 6" Skil grinder with two good wheels, 6" cheaper grinder with two buffing wheels, drill press vise, two wire brush grinder wheels, bunch of buffing compounds: $100.

Fact that I have no workbench capable of making all of my many bench tools truly useful: priceless.

I also ordered some stuff from Amazon I've been wanting, bought a Shop-Vac, and I realized last night I needed a map of the world for my wall. I've been reading a bunch of history at Wikipedia lately, and realizing that while my geography is far better than the average American (I know that Moscow is nowhere near Boston, for example, and I know that Vietnam is not in South America), I read the description of Alexander the Great's empire and realized I don't have a clear sense of just how big it was, and I had nothing nice where I could look it up. Among other things, I now know how really huge Kazakhstan is.