*yawn* *crunch* *crack*

Coolest toy ever.

Dude. What the fuck? Since when do the Red Sox not fail miserably at key moments? I'm so confused. Last night's game, at 14 innings and something over 6 hours, was the longest post-season game ever, and they became the first team to force a Game 7 of a seven-game series after losing the first three. This is worse than when the Patriots won the Super Bowl a couple years ago and I thought it was April Fool's.

Bailed on aikido tonight for feeling crappy, but then I started to feel even worse and I remembered that the whole thing was that I was going to start training more often despite feeling crappy. Right. Conveniently forgot that part.

The women in my life at the moment, encountered pretty blindly from completely different directions, are both from eastern Massachusetts. Huh.

My new pants, hefty Carhartt duck khakis I bought partly for working pants, and partly to wear something besides jeans at the office and around, in the hopes that people will take me a bit more seriously (likely) and give me more money (yeah, right). I bought them on Sunday, wore them Monday, and washed them yesterday, then discovered tonight that I had a pen in the wash in a pair of shorts. The ink limited itself to (a) the pocket lining of the containing shorts, and (b) my new pants. Pretty inconspicuous, but I'm amused that they took about 48 hours to go from "crinkly and new" to "several permanent stains".

The rain has come, finally, pouring in heavy beautiful buckets of loud large drops going splat splat splat on my windshield. Just now it was raining so hard I could actually hear it on my roof, and then we had three or four rounds of lightning AND thunder, paltry by East Coast standards, but enough to brighten my spirits. Aaaah.