/* Drunk, fix later. */

Noah came up with a new measurement for coffee:

    09:53 <noah> Maybe I should adopt a new unit of measure: the balzac
    09:54 <noah> which is enough coffee to enable one to finish writing an
          entire novel in one sitting.
    09:54 <noah> most of us probably only consume a few millibalzacs of
          coffee in any given day
Searching for an abbreviation ("b" is taken for "bits" and "B" for "bytes"), I labeled it "Bz". Please do your part to work this into the common lexicon.

From Dainin Katagiri:

"In going back to the source, there is a kind of astonishment. It's not something you can pin down, but it touches your heart. It's like meeting a moose on a country road. When you really face the moose, the whole world is a surprise."
It's possible I just like the phrase "to face the moose" as a term for enlightenment. (Katagiri's choice of words makes more sense if you know he was teaching in Minneapolis at the time.)

Nice night of drinking at the Naomi Sushi Beer & Sake Festival, reconnecting with some aikido friends. Except now it's time for bed.