Did you want a dose of surrealism today? I got mine: the House of Representatives has voted to repeal the gun laws of the District of Columbia. Choice quotes:

Bill sponsor Representative Mark Edward Souder, Republican of Indiana, called the vote a bipartisan victory for District residents' constitutional right to bear arms. Supporters of the bill cited the city's murder rate as proof of gun control's failure: Since the ban was enacted in 1976, the rate has increased 72 percent while the national average has fallen 36 percent.
But for me the real winner is this:
"This bill has 45 Democratic cosponsors, in addition to a majority of the Republican Party. When we talk about bipartisan legislation, this is bipartisan legislation," Souder said. "The D.C. handgun ban has failed; it has failed miserably. This bill is demanded by the people of the United States."
Basically, the murder rate in D.C. is up, so the "people of the United States"--who don't live in D.C., remember, because D.C. has no voting representation in Congress--demand that D.C. have more unregulated guns.

    11:01 <dr.pox> Why women live longer than men:

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