happy anniversary. you feel safer, right?

I haven't felt in danger over the past 3 years; but, I suppose, I don't have a family I'm supposed to protect and take care of, and for the most part I'm just not concerned about dying.

Story Time: In college we had this game called "Dorm Assassin". You signed up and paid a dollar, and they gave you a cheap squirt gun and the name of someone you had to "kill", chosen from the other participants. You couldn't get someone in their room, and if you shot your assassin, you got two days of immunity; once you got your target, you took over their target, so eventually the game became two people trying to shoot each other. I finally played, senior year, and nailed a few people easily and eventually got down to the last three. My target was cagey and had an inconvenient class schedule, and I couldn't find him and actually didn't know who he was. Finally, one day, I called him from the front door and convinced him UPS was delivering a package for him to the dorm, unusual but not entirely out of the question. So I got him when he came to answer the door. I made the same call to the last person, and a few minutes later was rewarded with...a shot in the back. My previous target had warned my new target. So close, and yet so far!

This is what happens when you are both clever, and watch too much television.