let go and watch the world work.

Listen, my fellow citizens, to our illustrious leader discoursing on the complexities of Native American tribes and the federal government. Yes, listen, as even a hand-picked crowd of supporters can't help but laugh at his mental deficiency. This is the giant you have chosen to defend you from terrorists and keep away all your bad dreams!

So I pulled a fun one today. On my way in to work, I see a mirror left outside someone's house. It's about two feet by three feet, partly broken, and I think, hey, I could maybe use that to make art or something. So I pull over and go pick it up to put in the car: it's one of those nice heavy mirrors, with nearly a centimeter of glass. I start walking towards the car.

I take about two steps and go flying.

I don't know if I tripped on the pavement or completely fell off the curb. The important thing at the time was that I was flying through the air and the mirror was going to hit the ground first, leaving me a nice field of shattered glass on pavement to fall on. I'm pretty satisfied with myself for how it turned out: I had all the time I needed. I knew the mirror would hit the ground first; I saw it hit out of the corner of my eye; I saw the ground coming at me; and I pushed myself off to the right and did a perfect, beautiful aikido roll over my left shoulder, coming up standing and on balance. Well, and bleeding and in a bit of pain: I got some shallow cuts on the edge of my left hand and the outside of my right calf. But no pieces of mirror stuck in me, and much better than doing a full-on spread-eagle. And it gave me something to brag about. Except for the part about tripping and falling in the first place. That was pretty stupid.

In other exciting news, I finally reached one of the CBA blacksmiths, who had previously said he couldn't take a student but he could find some time to show me some basic stuff. It turns out he can take students now, so I'm heading up there Saturday to at least try it out and see if I really like it. Woo hoo!