While I suppose it should be slightly embarassing, I feel much better knowing that the 2004 election will have international observers. I don't have much hope that it will change the outcome, but it will give the rest of the world definitive proof of the kind of bullshit we're pulling even on our own citizens, so with luck they'll be less inclined to give us the benefit of the doubt in general. I mean, I wish my country weren't being run by psychotic right-wingnuts, but since it is, I don't see why the rest of the world needs to suffer.

Bizarro product of the week

     it's for people who are too wussy to just not wear underwear.

I'm feeling much better today--I just hate listless weekends, especially in summer (which I definitely hate, and makes me want to crawl into a nice cool basement and be unconscious until the sun goes away). I remembered to let go and the world mostly righted itself. My college transcript arrived, so the machine-shop class should be on for the fall; The Crucible posted its blacksmithing schedule, so no matter what else I can find, I'll do at least a little blacksmithing at the end of October. By then it will be fall and then winter, so I'll have my energy back, and in between adventuring to nice places with foul weather like Pacifica and Santa Cruz, and after my aikido test in early September, if I enjoy the blacksmithing I can start building a propane forge (the most exciting description of which I've seen is "an enclosed flamethrower") and accumulating equipment. And after Burning Man and the needed decompression, we have Chillits, and the Nice Girl will be around again to lend me her wisdom, her hugs, and a touch of her life's constant activity.

And there's actually been progress on work projects. Who knew?