what's the difference between Texas and yogurt?

Yogurt has culture.

(Apparently they tell that joke in Texas, about California.)

Wow. This has made my day: the Swedish and Brazilian girls' Counterstrike teams. (Counterstrike is a first-person shooter game, sort of like Doom or Quake.) I feel justified in knowing that I have a thing for cute nerdy girls even when I'm dating more than I am now.

So I'm getting older, at the same rate as everyone else, and I've found my taste in women changing, especially in the past year. In particular, the age bracket that catches my eye and that I'm connecting with has shifted up, to women my age and older, where a really remarkable transformation seems to be happening. I'd heard about it, but it's relatively recently that some kind of switch flipped in my brain that I can now see what's going on. The women I know and see are acquiring this sort of visceral power: like the men, they are becoming themselves, growing into their bodies and spirits, but in dimensions of womanhood that I never imagined, that I think, until I got older, I could never have conceived. They are acquiring a strength, sensitivity, and energy, in the presence of which I stand in awe--and desire, because I have my own dimensions, strength, and energy, which suddenly seem drawn to theirs. It's interesting and fascinating and wonderful, this growing older. I don't have a full sense of what these changes mean, and won't for a while. But they seem fun.

And now, the news.

Of course, many people will always have a professional life worse than mine.

I've been catching up on my history. I never knew how thoroughly psycho Bobby Fischer is. I'm astonished that anyone could consider him to not be mentally ill.

Go go Los Alamos!

Some genetics researchers have encountered a really unfortunate problem with Microsoft Excel. Of course, I say that if you're trusting the only copy of your data to Microsoft software, instead of having it backed up in a database or a plain text file, you're really asking for trouble. But hey, it's your research grant.

First read about Bill O'Reilly, which speaks for itself. Then The Paris Business Review becomes incredibly funny.

An outstanding article on big media conglomerates. By Ted Turner, of all people. It's brilliant.

Fun article about Japanese names