Happy Monday!

Wow. Check out this Medal of Honor story. Holy crap.

BBC article on the research to delay the election, mostly the same as yesterday's with a couple more details and ending with a great quote by Lincoln.

My libertarian friends who think corporations should be unregulated don't really have a response to this incident that looks an awful lot like corporate censorship (note that ClearChannel has a pretty long history of pulling crap like this just on left-leaning entities).

Jeff told me a little while ago about FOUND Magazine, which publishes stuff that people find on the street or wherever and mail in (as you might guess, most of its contributors are janitors, librarians, used-bookstore employees, etc.). Well, they recently published a book, and it is amazing. One page has the entries of what looks like a girl's diary for November 22-24, 1963:

Today the president was killed! Isn't that terrible? At school everyone was crying, except the republicans.
And then on the 24th (rather than litter the quotation with "[sic]", just trust me that I'm transcribing it properly):
Guess What! The assassin got assassinated! Yep! Harry Oswald got killed. I think it serves him right. After all an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Some people say that he's entitled to a fair trial. But I would just waste moor time. Why not get it over and done with?
Much of the book is this intense, both good and bad, showing snapshots of people in our full complexity: love notes both unorthodox and sad-sweet, and bizarre/scary to-do lists. I highly recommend it: it's not very expensive and it's a wonder to read.

I was completely stunned today to get an email from the director of my old summer camp: it turns out I'm result #10 when you search for "camp monomonac", so a friend of his had found a journal entry I wrote about the place and passed it on. (I just checked, and my memory was quite flawed, he does not have a horde of kids. The rest of mostly accurate, I think.) It was nice to hear from him, and startling: since there aren't many people who read this regularly, I usually forget that it's public, and that I leave it open for search engines. Fun!