so much bloody sunlight.

Nepalese women are farming naked to please the rain gods. No, I don't make these things up.

I found a good example of my sense of humor today: I passed a Catholic church, and I saw smoke rising behind it. My thought process:

  1. "Hmm, maybe the church is on fire."
  2. "Maybe a barbecue."
  3. "That, or an auto da fé."
Note that for some of my friends, #3 would have been the first option considered.

I moved a piano yesterday. Not just a piano, but a player piano, which in this case means it's full of machinery and (I kid you not) lead pipes. So a bit heavier than your average console piano. Moving it sucked a whole lot less than I expected it to suck; not that it was fun, but with three guys to get it on the truck (rolling it out of a garage onto the hydraulic lift) and four to lift it up the four front steps into the house, it wasn't so bad.

If you think I'm overly paranoid, they're looking for ways to delay the November election, which would give a few weeks for Bush to get everyone scared and remind the nation that dissent means treason. Mind you, this is when we have "credible evidence" of a plan for a terrorist attack, but no idea when, where, or how, and it's judged important enough for Tom Ridge to hold a press conference about but not important enough to raise the national alert level. For a sense of perspective on the issue, elections were held on schedule during the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. If you think the "war on terrorism" is more important or disruptive than any of those, you may have slept through history class: have you had your butter or gasoline rationed recently because of a terrorist attack?

I haven't felt rested in months. I'm impressed I'm still standing, let alone do anything active.