Bizarre dreams and insomnia last night. My mind was sticky as I went to bed, I guess, and I had strange anxiety dreams expressed in the two books I'm reading right now: Metallurgy Fundamentals and A People's History of the United States (the former is good for metallurgy, the latter I can't recommend enough to just about anyone). So it was weird stuff about austenite and cementite working to take the class anger of colonial America and channel it carefully against the British elite and not the American elite, and how that power structure has endured through the centuries.

When I got back to sleep after watching some TV around 0400, there was another segment about driving in my car, the road being blocked by a construction site, and some weird construction vehicle backing into my car. The construction site also turned out to be part barbecue pit, and underneath a thick metal plate was a hole in the roadway with a bunch of sausages cooking. I walked away and when I came back the construction workers had riced out my car, giving it a weird body that was asymmetrical along the long axis, the roof was slanted 35 degrees towards the left. They were able to undo most of it, except for parts of a couple of stickers they couldn't get off.

(Incidentally, steel is one of the coolest fucking substances on the planet.)

Some days, Bill Cosby is one of my favorite people.

So the leader of the free world, our mentally handicapped President, didn't enjoy his interview with the Irish journalist. I don't know if you've ever watched BBC interviews, but you can watch and realize that American interviewers are generally pretty soft, letting subjects dodge questions or lie outright--for example, The Daily Show showed a clip of some woman from MSNBC interviewing Dick Cheney about the Iraq-al Qaeda nonsense. She said, "You've said that connection was 'very well confirmed'", and he interrupted harshly and said, "No. No, I never said that." She said, "Okay," and moved on. The Daily Show then showed a video clip (so it's not like he was misquoted) of him saying those exact words, that a working Iraq-al Qaeda relationship was "very well confirmed". BBC interviewers, on the other hand, and this may be true of Europe in general, bite in and don't let go.

I left for an errand tonight and found an enormous full moon waiting for me, yellow and low in the sky. That exact same moon greeted me almost exactly twelve years ago to the day, rising in the early evening over Burnt Island in Penobscot Bay, crowning the roof of the island's only house, and seeming to fill the entire sky. Nothing is out of place.