Tomorrow night I'm going to be in a skit for the annual Aiki Retreat variety show. It's a dumb skit, for the most part, and the sad thing is that I'm going to be the funniest thing in it, playing some sort of over-the-top character. At least I come at the end. I'm amazed that all these people, who are not cowards, they're all fairly highly ranked and it takes determination and inner strength to train that much, they're all scared off by stage fright. I mean, I get stage fright too, but I get up and do the damn show anyway. I guess it's easier when I don't have to actually memorize lines (which is my real deep fear, because, well, I forget them all the time).

Further conversation with Aikido Woman reveals that she is finishing up school in cellular/molecular biology, and headed off to medical school after that. Beyond being an amusing tie-in to my past history of women in biology-related professions (I was genuinely unable to escape this for a long time: I had a nice conversation with one woman in an emergency room; she later found me on the Internet and we went out a few times, but she turned out to be an epidemiologist), this supports my idea that, between schooling to be a doctor, working, and training in aikido every day, she likely has no space in her life for boys, even nice ones. Between that and the biology thing, I may have to give this one a pass, but we'll see. She's a lot of fun to train with in any case.

Sudden major attack of psychoglycemia this afternoon. I don't know why, I'd been eating fine all day; but fortunately I could feel what it was, so I took my insane grouchiness with me and picked up Indian food on the way home. It might have been all the sake last night, or the coffee yesterday and today; or just the stress of so much training.

Up and down, up and down. Time to perturb the flow of life a little bit: I'm bored again. In fact, it might be time for some kind of large perturbation--new job, new journey, something. Whatever it is, even if it's nothing at all, it starts with going to bed.