Rough aikido class: we did about fifteen minutes of koshi-nage, a throw over the hips that is both challenging to execute and challenging to fall from. I took some hard and clumsy falls, so current aches include one of the bones in my elbow and a column of muscle in the front of my thigh that apparently normally works so well I'm not even aware of it. I also got a knock to the incisors on my partner's elbow, and...well, koshi-nage is one of the falls where we end up landing on our side, and if we do it right most of the force goes out our arm slapping the mat. However, we have to remember to keep our legs open when we land: if our knees knock together hard enough, we can injure them, but males have another, more common concern...it's not like one of those crippling double-you-over strikes to the groin, mind you. More like one of those light taps that just leaves you with a touch of nausea. Still not fun, though.

More phone calls and visits to make about blacksmithing. Dammit. I will make this happen.

Checking the calendar today I just realized that aikido camp is coming up fast. Yeesh. Time to train more.