why, yes, it does get worse.

Yesterday, a whole string of URLs came down the pipe that really, really made me want to take my friends and go hide in the woods for a few years. Read 'em and weep.

At least one guy has the cheek to report that the Pope has been afraid that Bush is actually the Antichrist. This may sound over the top until you read the guy's description of Bush's "Christian" blood cult.

"Torture of US prisoners! Surely a handful of depraved individuals. What? We explicitly denied them the privileges of the Geneva Conventions? This sort of behavior is unconscionable. Oh...yes, I suppose we did commission a long legal report about the President's ability to authorize torture. Uh, we should call a lawyer." (That one's an especially fun read because the legal geniuses consulted somehow deduced that the Constitution gives the President supreme dictatorial power if he deems it necessary. Not what I learned in social studies, but maybe I slept through that class.)

Whatever hassles you have to go through to visit other countries, remember that it's worse if you're trying to come here; now, especially if you're a journalist.

Ronald Reagan and the culture of unreality.

On the bright side, Ronald Reagan, Jr. has some choice words about the current administration.

And, finally, sometimes things don't work out quite the way you'd hoped.