a day like any other.

Got free time?

I'm going to drive up towards Lassen Volcanic Park tomorrow. I've never been; I'm assuming it's forest because the relief map is green, but it could be desert. Kind of a fun adventure. I'm going because I've never been that far north, and it's a long weekend and I can barely stomach the thought of just sitting around for days watching television and kicking myself out of the house to go to aikido. I mean, I should train, but that really only kills a couple hours out of the day. I need to get out of town, say hello to the trees or the rocks or whatever.

Realizing that I'm pretty happy being single for the moment, like I'm "cooking", so to speak, growing in myself, so when someone else does roll around to play with, or there's some other mighty challenge, I will be more myself than ever, I know I can take it. I have a sense of power...not of control, necessarily, but that I can handle whatever comes, however it needs handling...that I will not be shaken from myself, and that I can summon the focus and awareness to do whatever I feel moved to do. I feel...solid.