cracked out, in a good way.

I finally bought a digital camera on Friday, successfully obliterating perhaps a month of careful spending. I've gotten happier with it with some experience; I have some random pictures so far. Be forewarned, the big ones are pretty big, either 1600 or 2048 pixels wide. Also, there's something disturbing about a huge high-resolution picture of my hand.

We held our ninth Woom party last night... Everything is full and complete; everything is in its place. My life is everything I have allowed it to be, everything I am open to right now...change comes when it's time for change.

After you cook the vegetables for the morning meal, before preparing the rice and soup for the noon meal, assemble the rice buckets and other utensils, and make sure they are thoroughly clean. Put what is suited to a high place in a high place, and what belongs in a low place in a low place. Those things that are in a high place will be settled there; those that are suited to be in a low place will be settled there. Select chopsticks, spoons, and other utensils with equal care, examine them with sincerity, and handle them skillfully.
Everything is in its place.