nothing wrong with a mixed bag.

I acted thoughtlessly and may have ticked off a friend tonight--at the very least I earned a bit of a growl. It's important to let go of that, having apologized and knowing everything is probably fine.

It was equally important to let go of the fact that I hadn't gotten a phone call I was hoping for. Two days is not really a long time, and we're all busy people. Thankfully it wasn't interrupting my work or anything. And we got to chat a bit in person tonight, which was swell.

The world really does run like a Bach sonata, an infinite number of connected threads and lines and parts meeting and separating and rising and converging and quiet parts and active parts. These threads that bind us together are multidimensional, of time and space and spirit and will-to-action, and concept and thought and feeling. For example, I channel-surf maybe nine different radio stations when driving. All day today, they all sucked. I don't exactly have a provincial taste in music; how many different things had to come together on one day for there to be nothing good on the radio?

I was going to say something about Indra's Net, but discovered I said it already, just over a year ago, when my life bore some striking similarities to my life today.

After so much slowness, my life is moving again. I love it.