I went to bed at 0400. I woke up around 0715, feeling good enough for weapons class at 0830. Stayed for the general class until 1130. Got thrashed, did a pretty good randori>. Went up for randori with two growly, rough yudansha. Got tired. Picked up strawberries and milk and green onions. Drank Superfood to restore blood sugar. Napped for maybe twenty minutes. Made some nice scrambled eggs. Talked to Mom for a while. Watched cartoons. Spent some time talking to and being obtuse with the ex-girlfriend. Left a message for girl from last night. Went to see Austin Lounge Lizards with friends. Wondered if girl from last night will call or not. Ponder going to Scotland for a week.

Life complicated now, in good way--much better than boring. Punctuated equilibrium. All the threads that connect us, weaving in and out and rejoining and separating like parts of a Bach sonata. Some of the movement is in my mind, and some of it is just what happens. Need to just see what happens.

Sleep soon.