internal discussions.


I think I'm finally going to get around to developing a seal for myself. The motto is Nolite id cogere, cape malleum majorem, whose meaning you will find where I found it.

I busted out of a long day at work and ran over to Harbor Freight Tools today, somewhat inexplicably twitchy to get some cheap metalworking stuff. They didn't have the main thing I wanted, but I did get a 6-pound anvil, an 8-ounce ball-peen hammer, and hearing-protector earmuffs. It turns out I can't use the anvil for jewelry work unless I grind and polish the face a whole bunch, but it'll be useful for other things, and the entire shopping trip cost me $14, so I'm not worried. Harbor Freight is apparently the place to get (a) anvils, and (b) big heavy "mechanic's vises" that will withstand holding a piece of hot iron that you are banging on with a 6-pound hammer. 50-100 pounds seems to be a recommended size for such a monster.

Among the various logistical problems of setting up a forge workshop in my garage, I'm going to have to build myself a table. I mean, damn. That's after I figure out the ventilation needs for the fire--I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to produce smoke, but it may take some work to ventilate it away from all surrounding living spaces.

Today's lesson in density: A 100-pound anvil is a much, much smaller volume than I would have thought.

Kind of a grind this week. Body aches; maybe I'm fending off all the hacking and coughing and vomiting sicknesses that have taken out my co-workers at intervals. The lights in the office are too bright. I think my upcoming more-active weekend will help.

Feeling quiet, and sort of hermit-like.