Sunday. wheeee.

I successfully booted myself to aikido today, where I had a lot of fun, except that the overhead door that makes the dojo bearable in summer is broken, so it's 5-15F warmer inside than outside while the hot weather lasts and until the door gets fixed.

I have an Opinel knife. I bought it in Salzburg, Austria, in 1993, only slightly overpriced, especially for Salzburg, home of the four-dollar very-small Coke. The tip snapped eventually, having been severely bent by my dropping it into the carpeted floor at my hotel, which turned out to actually be concrete underneath. It's always been my food knife, ever since we bought some bread and cheese and drinks a day or two after overpaid for it, and we hiked up the hill to one of Salzburg's two main castle/palaces that sit on top of hills--not the big Hohensalzburg, but the smaller one, on the other side of the Danube. I took a wonderful picture of Martha up there, with whatever dinky camera I had, I think a 110mm in an awful pastel blue. My stainless steel Opinel (it says "INOX" on the blade) has rust on it.

I'm regaining my sense of self, after some of the internal whininess I'm prone to. Upon recognizing myself again, I've discovered I'm in a somewhat quiet-by-myself stretch, enjoying the friends I have but not, from an armchair perspective, in a kind of open state for meeting new people. That changes as soon as I meet someone I like, of course, but it's something to notice. But whatever my call is, right now I think it's by myself.