I can't make this stuff up. And it wouldn't be as funny if I did. Once you notice the headline the article is just ludicrous.

Couple more layoffs at work today. They always happen silently, and because I rarely need to talk to anyone outside my team, it can be weeks or months before I find out someone's gone. I don't know that these were redundant people, either: they'd both worked here several years, and their work is just going to get dumped on one or two other people who already pick up the slack for what used to be multiple positions--although we've hired in other areas, so our headcount overall may not be down. It reminds me that even though it's run by human beings, it's a company, and the human beings may be nice enough but will surely give me the boot in a heartbeat if they think it's the right thing to do. My team has a lot of political protection, but I get little performance feedback and mostly I get to trust in my boss to communicate to others that it's worthwhile having me around. Mostly I do like working there, though: I've had a number of bad jobs, working for stupid or power-tripping people, and I think this is almost as good as it gets, until I can switch fields somehow. In theory they could give me an outstanding review and a monster raise, but I'm not holding my breath.

I honestly tried doing my taxes on Friday night, but discovered an incomplete tax document, so now I get to wait a little bit. I think I owe the government money for some stock stuff that I had no control over, so hopefully that won't be too painful, although it did pay off my credit card debt.

For not making an ungodly amount of money, I seem to spend most of my years not getting tax refunds. Irritating.