yup, Julia Stiles is still hot.

I'm in an interesting headspace after last weekend. Ever have a time when as far as you can tell you're happy and at peace with the world, but it's so sudden that you have to allow simple massive denial of your feelings as a possibility? Nothing seems to be wrong, and once again it's making me nervous. So I've apparently learned how not to be unhappy, but I haven't figured out how not to be tired, and aikido is telling me that I'm not breathing properly at all. I got the buzz again tonight, a weird energy that comes after losing my breath a few times, getting thirty seconds to calm down, and then continuing to train. It's very clean, very cool and not something I've ever experienced before. It could be runner's high; I wouldn't know, since I can't normally run much.

Thinking a bit more about approaching things and people as they are, letting everything be without changing the stories at all. The end result of that, of course, is that I look like a dumbass some amount of the time (cf. showing off for cute lesbian last weekend), but if I come by it honestly some people find it charming. And it's me, which is really more important. I'm still a good friend and an excellent kisser, and looking stupid can't take that away from me. Uh. For long.

I'm considering visiting Seattle over Memorial Day weekend. I've never been and it sounds like a neat place, plus my uncle and his wife live about 20 minutes away and I've never seen their house (for that matter, I've really only ever seen them a handful of times).

I was so excited today. In the midst of being semi-productive at work, I did some harder searching for a track I heard on college radio a couple of years ago: a recording of Bertali's Chiacona A Violino Solo, but with a guitar instead of a harpsichord in the continuo. It's not a commonly-recorded piece, but at the time I only found references to one recording. I'm 99% sure it's the version on Rariora & Marginalia, performed by the Rare Fruits Council. I think the album may be worth buying just for the name.