what happens with no one to impress.

My space heater crapped out a week or two ago, which was fine while we were having a warm spell, but is currently kind of chilly. One side effect of this is that I like even less doing the part of my chiropractic rehab that involves lying on the (cold hardwood) floor.

Busy week: I went to The Pearl Fishers last Sunday, a very good production of a pretty middling opera. (I may not be qualified to judge the music accurately, but the libretto was pretty bad.)

Monday night I had the first of my two classes in hot-worked chain jewelry, which was pretty rad. Metalwork is every bit as cool as I thought: you make the rings by wrapping fine silver wire around a dowel and cutting them, then bending them so the ends are touching. Then you take a torch and heat the ring, and there's a beautiful, incredible moment of transition, where the silver liquefies, but not enough to lose its shape entirely, just enough to join with itself, and it flows together and you can't tell the ends were ever apart, except for maybe a little bulging. But the joint is as good as the rest of the wire for strength and flexibility.

This weekend was the CAA Division 2 Training, and then the CAA Training and Meeting. The latter was at Aikido of San Jose today. Rocket scientist that I am, I figured I'd just get the address from Yahoo; unfortunately the dojo moved and Yahoo hasn't been updated yet, so I went to the old location and was pretty confused to find San Jose Taiko there instead (actually, the sign says "Taiko of San Jose", but I'm 97% certain they just saved money by barely modifying the old "Aikido of San Jose" letters). They had a phone book with the new address, so I got directions and off I went; unfortunately I didn't bother to write the address down, figuring there would be a sign. Finally I call information to ask for the address:

<Chris> In San Jose, California, the address for Aikido of San Jose.
<Operator> Is there a meet there or something? I've gotten a bunch of calls for that one today.
So it wasn't just me, even people who wrote the address down were getting lost. There was a sign, but it was an 8.5x11 sheet of paper with 16-point lettering in the window of a giant warehouse building.

My boss introduced me to Unreal Tournament 2004 on Friday, and I decided to just get it mostly out of my system yesterday and gave it 8 or 9 hours of my life, after sweeping the house up a bit. It was a nice way to kill time, and I suck enough at games that I usually only do those marathon stretches a few times before I don't feel the urge any more.