it only seems like two worlds.

No, I don't particularly miss school.

Upon further reflection and a conversation with my chiropractor this morning, I've realized that the pain in my hands is probably pinched nerves rather than tendonitis: tendonitis doesn't go away when you relax your back and shoulders, and it also responds well to ice and anti-inflammatories, which I have not. I'm kind of glad to hear it, in a way, because it becomes just another body-alignment problem, like most of the pain I get in my knees, and those problems are relatively easy to fix.

Getting a bit more sleep, and slowly making progress at work. I'm astonished at my moods, the difference and suddenness; but also that I can direct them somewhat, at least for now. I can feel sadness nearby, or numbness, but I can also steer myself into more of a relaxed acceptance of what is. I'm still annoyed at the world, though...I can feel the irritation-sadness I hold within me, hear it in my words to myself and others, my lack of patience and my use of very direct speech (still compassionate in most cases, I hope, but not letting people ramble to get to the point). My life is what I make it: the more calm I am and able to accept the world's gifts, the more of them I will see for what they are.