hell freezes over. uh, again.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl. What the hell? Until a few years ago all they could do was get there once every twenty years and get their asses kicked, and now they're the best team in the league?

Truly this is an age of wonders.

I went with Jeff and Karl to a house possessed of HDTV, which is certainly worth watching if you know someone else willing to understand the technology and pay all the money for it. So anyway, one of the women associated with this group found out about the Lingerie Bowl and insisted that the host order it on Pay-Per-View. This was the sort of crowd where men and women can both appreciate women playing full-contact football in their underwear, and sadly enough, for the first half of the Super Bowl, the Lingerie Bowl was better football, not just better eye candy. But the fourth quarter rocked, and I was actually excited to see the Patriots pull it out.

Also, more cute girls with boyfriends. Woo hoo!

Hmm...fish piercing...

Why I love my best friend from college:

    23:16 <jeff> but 'iamb' is a trochee, and 'anapest' is a dactyl
I haven't picked up the dictionary to figure out precisely what he's saying, but that he can say it at all makes him special.