Happy Birthday To Me.


I know there's a cultural difference here, but I can't quite articulate it.

Pretty (large image), and the best movie *ever*.

I'm 27 today. 27 is not only a perfect cube (the obvious), but as Jeff points out is also the first age that takes four syllables to pronounce. See, life is full of these little milestones.

A few of us went to the favorite sushi restaurant, had some astounding food and sake, bought the staff some beer. Incredible good time.

    lest at any time God see us falling into evil ways
    and becoming unprofitable (Ps. 13:3);
    and lest, having spared us for the present
    because in His kindness He awaits our reformation,
    He say to us in the future,
    "These things you did, and I held My peace" (Ps. 49:21).

Holy crap. I'm watching Secretary, and it's beautiful. It's very sexually involved, going deeply into the tug and pull of power and passion and back-and-forth dominance and submission that makes relationships fun; unlike 9 1/2 Weeks, to which it invites comparison, Secretary remains relatively sweet throughout. It's incredibly perceptive and well-done.

I think this past year has to go down as possibly the best on record. I got and kept a stable job that doesn't piss me off too much, I had a mind-blowing healthy relationship with a remarkable woman who--get this--I'm still good friends with, I kept doing aikido and even got better at it. I have the most amazing friends and family (and friends who are family). I'm at least a little less worried about people liking me, which usually means I'm more gruff, but some people do find the added brashness charming. My life is, and abides, and I continue in it, and what happens happens, and what doesn't happen to me is happening to somebody else and is, in a basic sense, not my problem. I'm not really on a track towards 2.5 kids and a picket fence, but come one: what else would I be doing, if not this?

May your year be as good as mine. *smile*