I love Latin. I always have--its chewy feel and esoteric resonance. Not enough to take it in school, of course...much as it would have helped on the SATs, I'm pretty happy with Spanish. But honestly, say this out loud, or sing with the music:

Fortune plango vulnera
stillantibus ocellis
quod sua michi munera
subtrahit rebellis.
Verum est, quod legitur,
fronte capillata,
sed plerumque sequitur
Occasio calvata.
Middle English too, and Scots English. Speaking of which, today is putatively the birthday of Robert Burns, so go re-read the poem and see how everyone misquotes it.

Ah, yes, the decline of Western morality.

Yay, they figured out what's wrong with Spirit!!

First, Mars vs. Earth.

Second, Mars vs. Earth... FIGHT!

I cooked tonight, more elaborate than usual: chopped and browned in butter one of the four (4) half-onions in our fridge (note that four half-onions in the fridge means that on four separate occasions Jeff or I took a whole, fresh onion, used half of it, and put the remaining half in a plastic bag in the fridge, apparently without noticing its compatriots); added two baby portabella mushrooms and some salt; added some green onions; added vegetable stock and some precooked chicken sausage. The big adventure tonight was that I made a roux, and it made this incredible difference in the taste and texture. It not only thickened the stock just right, but suddenly it unified all the flavors and made it taste good. So I'll be doing that more often.