Heaven bent to take my hand.

    "'Those who speak do not know;
    Those who know do not speak.'
    This is what we were told by Lao Tze.
    Should we believe that he himself
    Was the one who knew?
    How could it then be that he wrote
    No less than five thousand words?"

                 - P'o Chu-I (9th century)

I went up to the city tonight, to see High On the Hog. I got a flaky late start and only caught the last five minutes or so, but they're really good. Mainly I walked: I parked, then walked down to Maxfield's House of Caffeine. After the show, I went up to Market Street, walked down to Market and Castro, down Castro, back along 18th, up to 16th in search of food, and then back to the car and home. Long night, but got to see at least a little bluegrass and kill some time.

When the body is tired, the ego is tired.