RIP another space probe.

This is why you hire security consultants.

Who needs democracy when you have Republicans?

Part of my mood swings involves slacking a bit on the things that keep me focused and centered, and then all of a sudden I break through and start doing them all again and feeling better. While maybe not as helpful as doing everything consistently, it's far better than doing nothing. Talking, aikido, leaving the house to kill time, seeing friends. And actually, I've been thinking about something Shunryu Suzuki said when a student thought people should get a little more sleep: "When the body is tired, the ego is tired." I realized that while I was tired, at least in the mornings, I felt better and overall had more energy when I was slightly tweaked by having to get up so early to go to the chiropractor. So I'm going to give myself a few weeks of waking up around 0615, napping in bed a little bit, and then getting up an hour or so later. Worked well today.

It's alternative reality night: apparently in the Ayurvedic system Monday and Tuesday was a convergence with some sort of demonic otherworld, so that may have contributed to the state I was in, as demons like to mess with people who might be more sensitive to such things. Also, the shape and length of my pinky fingers indicate that I can understand things which can't be communicated, and I can't communicate them. Surprise!