Omnia sol temperat.

Aah, sweet artistry.


I had a tremendously cranky day at work, growling at people left and right, primarily for having to do time-consuming stupid work, and letting the dead-end-ness of the position get to me. That's okay...I get irritable from time to time, and I usually focus on one thing or another as the irritant of the moment: job, relationships, aikido, whatever. And that's all okay as long as I'm willing to let go of being cranky, and go be something else. We have to be relaxed, available to what comes next.

The guy who does massage at my chiropractor has studied kung fu for a long time, and he tells the story of how his teacher walked up and threw a kick at him. The guy blocked it, and the teacher said, "Hmm, you're getting faster", but on the "-er" of "faster", he threw another kick and flicked the guy's eyebrow, and said, "But your mind is sticky", and walked away.

My mind is still kinda sticky. Less so with time, but it's still hard to let go of everything and plunge forward into...who knows what. Whatever comes next. Whatever is happening right now. Whatever is tomorrow and this weekend and next week and everything after.

As Seung Sahn said, "Put it all down, okay?".