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Sometimes the reality of a story is utterly unimportant, because it's beautiful.

Except for going to aikido, this has generally been a waste of a day. Well, mostly. I had lunch with the ex-lover and, as I thought I would, got to decline an offer, because declining was the right thing. I drove to Berkeley far too late to help people move, just to say hi, and absorb what I perceived to be some hostility. Watched TV with Murray for a while.

Aikido had an odd quality to it today, in part because Sensei decided to do a few real-life fighting tips at the beginning of class. He called me up for ukemi, which is just bizarre--teachers at his level pretty much use exclusively black belts, both because they're more fun to work with, and it's their earned privilege. So after doing a double-take and making sure he was actually looking at me (I'm sure he said my name, but he tends to mumble names a bit), I went up. Nothing very involved: for reference, if someone grabs you from behind, grabbing small pinches on the tops of their thighs will probably make them let go.

So all stuff that I need to keep in the mix, but still...sort of a nothing day.