In Which Pooh encounters Another Year and Opportunities for Compassion.

Interesting email re-connection today from a brief lover from a few years ago. I got a bounce message from a mailing list I manage, and I was just sort of thinking of how it would sometimes be nice to run up to someone you had sex with a long time ago and say, "Look, I'm much better at it now! Want to have another go?". That's not this, though; I'm not entirely sure what this is.

So I emailed to ask if she wanted the address changed and to ask how life is, and got a startlingly enthusiastic response, since I'd tried to hang out with her a while back and she didn't seem interested, having moved on to her college life. Seems like life's been rough, though, so I dunno...holding my boundaries, maybe I can be a friend, if I have some energy to give.

I had an exciting day, as it turns out. On my way to get another headlamp to make my car legal so I wouldn't get pulled over by the scores of cops out tonight, I stopped in the Enterprise Car Sales (a division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car) to see what they had on the lot. Three somewhat bewildering hours of test driving and paperwork later, I am the provisional owner of a white 2001 Saturn SL2 sedan. Provisional, because while everyone acts as though it's my car, (a) no one's bought the loan yet, and (b) whoever buys the loan will actually own the car until I pay them off. But it's a good car, and I splurged for the extended service plans because I suspect that in the next four years something is going to break other than normal wear and tear stuff. Hey, it's only money.

Training at the dojo was lovely, although I was thrown off-kilter by committing a couple of seeming faux pas and then getting a flood of mental static from people's reactions--thinking that folks are a lot more judgemental than they really are. In reality everything just goes on by...we're friends, and friends forgive each other worse things than aimlessly shooting our mouths off.