go fish.

Listening to NPR this morning, in a segment about the disarming of Libya and Iran, a woman is talking about the role played by the British in *gasp* talking to those two countries, and saying that we really need to re-learn a lesson from that about "the use of diplomacy as an alternative to force". It's sad that she had to phrase it that way, because we bomb people by default now. It's like teaching high school and starting with "this is how we share and cooperate". Only with nuclear arsenals.

One of the latest things to hit the Internet (a few weeks ago) is a video of Paris Hilton having sex. Who is Paris Hilton, you ask? People told me she was famous, but it's really the sex video followed by The Simple Life that's garnered her any sort of attention, because in general she's just a rich party girl. Yes, that Hilton. As in hotels. As in parents with more money than God and children with too many resources and no common sense.

Going back to the monastic Rule of St. Benedict, part of the Rule is to read part of the Rule aloud every day. For those of us on the outside, there's a webpage with today's reading.

The Sloth Fairies got me, I skipped aikido, and now I'm sort of working, god-help-me-answering-a-personal-ad, and watching Kissing Jessica Stein (which is incredibly sweet and has marvelous sexual tension between cute women).

Sheesh, now Better Than Chocolate is on. It's LesbianFest 2003. It's nowhere near as good as Kissing Jessica Stein.

Holy crap.

Ah well. To bed.