Mister Fix-It strikes again.

I got pulled over on Monday night, essentially in front of my house (I almost pulled into my driveway rather than pulling over) on account of my broken headlight. Coming on the heels of getting pulled over on Saturday night (just for driving like a flake, weaving a little bit: CHP said, "Well, I don't smell any alcohol, and your eyes look fine to me", and we kindly both refrained from saying that I was just driving like an idiot for no reason), I took $8.99 and some duct tape and fixed it. It turns out, first of all, that rather than being any electrical problem, the pickup truck I rear-ended just smashed the bulb and reflector, so I just had to replace the bulb. I think there's plenty of space to do this when everything's in good repair, but it's a bit more challenging in this case: this was the first time I'd really carefully looked at the damage, and it looks like the frame is twisted, which is why the hood doesn't line up any more. (The hood tented, but if I straighten it out, the hood's D-ring is forward of the hook it's supposed to go on. So, if I pop the hood, to re-latch it I actually bend the hood at the point where it's bent, which brings the D-ring back and latches.) Of course all of this adds up to "I really shouldn't be driving this thing", but at least the headlight's fixed, if pointing off at a curious angle.