In one of life's delightful surprises, Keiko, the whale from Free Willy, has died. And been buried. In the ground. Not at sea. In the ground. I'm not really sure how that made sense to his caretakers, especially when one of them said, "He's free now and in the wild". Yes. A whale, in the wild. Underground.

In another of life's delightful surprises, I bought a pre-owned-but-unused cell phone yesterday. Not that I particularly liked the phone, but my current phone is unreliable. But when I went to get the newer phone activated today, I discovered that the wiggliness in the antenna, which I had labeled as "cosmetic", is in fact "broken", and the repair would be nearly what I paid for the phone, an amoung of money which is fortunately "irritating" rather than "critical". The guy is being nice and letting me return it, although that does mean another trip to Oakland.