I had a nice day until I rear-ended a pickup truck. No injuries, it was very gentle, no damage to the truck, but it tented my hood and went right into the quarterboard (which, being a Saturn, is plastic). Earlier in the weekend I was thinking about a newer car, and I'm now looking a bit more seriously. I'm not very excited about throwing in another thousand dollars' worth of repairs.

I'm still learning there are times and places where I have no right to speak, and when I violate them through ignorance or stupidity or both, I cause suffering. I can't take it back, I can't fix it, so I have to just let it go without doing anything else.

The uke for my aikido test got yanked at the last minute, so I found another one, but she can only train limited days and the test got moved up two days, so now I don't even know that she can make it. She probably can, but it's all very last-minute at a dojo that doesn't normally work that way.

One of the Projects That Will Not Die at work still refuses to die, as our partner company seems unable to get its shit together and their end of the system remains broken.

I really want to lose some weight. I've been getting progressively pudgier over the past several months (not surprising since I haven't modified my diet nor my exercise), and I don't like it, so starting tomorrow I'm back on my diet of mostly meat and vegetables. I don't have to track it closely, just skew it, like choosing to have steak for dinner instead of pizza. Mmm, steak.

Breath goes in, breath goes out.