Sort of a waste of a day...I'd thought to maybe go hang out in Santa Cruz, but wasn't very motivated, and couldn't seem to focus on anything else. I did finish my book, but then ended up watching way too much TV. But tomorrow is another day and I'll find something to do then, after the major dojo cleaning.

        "Maybe we need to stop thinking of this as a Mideast crisis and just think
        of it as Mideast culture."

                          -- The Onion, 26 Nov 2003

I am so sure sometimes that I can help people, that I can get them to think. I can't, usually, but my periodic idealism is cute and maybe more endearing than the cynical inaction that often replaces it. Somewhere in there is just me being me. I'm not sure why that's so difficult; other states of mind are more familiar, feel more secure.

Tomorrow is another day.